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Ice Cream Day

  • News
  • 10 june 2024

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Ice Cream Day is traditionally celebrated on June 10 - in honor of the date of the beginning of mass sale of the cold treat in the United States in 1786.
The mass production of ice cream in Belarus is already more than 85 years old! Every year Belarusians eat about 3 kg of the dessert per person.
The company SOOO Morozprodukt annually produces more than 8 thousand tons of ice cream. You know it under 9 different brands - “20 kopecks”, “28 kopecks”, Frudoza, “Gosha”, “Kapriz”, etc.
We suggest celebrating the ice cream day with us! Be sure to please yourself with a cold dessert today - you can choose a larger portion, buy all your favorite flavors at once or arrange a tasting of something new. For example, our new products - fruit ice flavored with lime or cola, strawberry popsicles “28 kopecks” or raspberry ice cream “20 kopecks”.
Look for the most summer flavors of our ice cream in chain stores in your city.
And if you decide to stock up on ice cream for the whole summer ahead, go to our official online store and order Morozprodukt products with delivery!