Welcome to ‘Morozproduct’ team! We are looking for responsible, ambitious, responsive, active employees , who, like ourselves, would endeavor to make life of Belarusians better and… tastier!

‘Morozproduct’ is one of major ice-cream producers in Belarus and a distributor of world-wide known brands of frozen products, an expert in the field of deep freezing.

A basis of the Company’s business is the production of high-quality products admired by consumers of all ages .

Reasons to be employed by ‘Morozproduct’ Company

When you become a part of our team you’ll learn from experience that the success of the key brands of ‘Morozproduct’ JLLC, the Company’s targeting at the professional and personality growth of employeesв, variety of goals and objectives create a unique atmosphere of opportunities for prominent professionals dedicated to their own business irrespective of an area of business.

With us you’ll discover:

  • A united team and strong corporate values
  • Educational programs in advanced training
  • The Company and its employees are rapidly developing
  • Support of the Company’s employees in the context of a high-efficiency culture
  • ‘Morozproduct’ JLLC is a socially responsible company

Do you want to be employed by our Company? Please, send us your CV

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