In 1998 when many companies chose rather to withdraw from the market due to a tough business environment, ‘Morozproduct’ outbraved starting a new business. Given that one has a virile character - difficulties will only harden it. And as early as 1999 Belarusians tasted a first ice cream of Gosha and Triumph trade marks. In subsequent years the Company was actively investing in the production and expanded assortment of this cold delicacy.

In May 2007 ‘Morozproduct’ introduced a new line of ice cream produced according to the adorable Soviet recipes. Such trade marks as «20 kopeek» and «28 kopeek» at once became flavors-of-the-month by touching mental chord of adult consumers and having made a conquest of bun-dusters owing to their rich natural flavor.

In 2009 the Belarusian ice cream producer opened its own low-temperature logistic center – a 4600 sq.m. warehouse with a convenient multi-level junction complying with recent European requirements and standards. It made it possible to deliver the cold delicacy faster to any point of the country and abroad.

In 2013 ‘Morozproduct’ expanded ita production scale – a new factory, equipped with new Italian lines, was put into operation. Owing to it the Company is introducing new innovation technologies into the ice-cream production – carrying out experiments with flavors and fillers, with forms (in the form of «a propeller») and combination of surface finishes (fruit coat).

The up-to-date equipment employed by ‘Morozproduct’ JLLC made it possible to introduce a new original palette of flavors for Belarusians – in 2014 the Company introduced FRUDOZA,  a new line of the first Belarusian ice cream filled with pieces of natural berries and fruits and ice cream with fruit ice strips.

Currently ‘Morozproduct’ JLLC is a leader in the Belarusian market of ice cream and frozen semi-finished products. The Company has been permanently introducing new innovation production technologies and expanding its distribution network in Belarus and abroad – it is operating over 13 000 outlets. The Company employs more than 750 people, its annual output of ice cream is around  8 000 tons. In addition to its major business activity (ice cream production) the Company supplies a wide range of frozen products: meat and fish semi-finished products, bread, vegetables and berries, potato goods. The logo of ‘Morozproduct’ JLLC on a package means a guarantee of a high-quality product.

Mission and valuables

The mission of ‘Morozproduct’ consists in enriching life with joy, ease and to make each day a holiday.

We are guided by the valuables which we will never break. The rules selected by us are undisputable and serve as the standard for all employees of the Company.

  • International quality standards (We guarantee that our ice cream contains the best ingredients)
  • The consumer likes come before everything (For you to have choice we are offering various products to suit any taste)
  • Leadership (We are not satisfied with what has already been achieved and aspiring for being a leader in our branch)
  • Image of the Company (We create and maintaine image of our company by being always honest with our clients and partners)

Principles of operation

We are honest in respect to our business partners

We are open and responsible to our customers

We follow the rules which make it possible to produce high-quality, safe and tasty products

Quality and safety

The quality and safety of products are the milestones for ‘Morozproduct’ business.

The safety management system covers the whole Company’s production chain - all stages are closely supervised.


A certificate of conformity of the management system with ISO 22000:2005 standard and a certificate of conformity of the management system with the requirements of the system of food safety certification FSSC 22000 have been granted to ‘Morozproduct’ thanks to its efforts.

Food safety management system ISO 22000:2005 International Standard

The idea to arrange the production of tasty ice cream in the republic was put forward by Mr. Sergey Dobudko, Director General of ‘Morozproduct’ JLLC when during his visit to Coppelia Ice Cream Palace in Havana which is a reign of a tastiest Cuban ice cream where each visitor may taste around one hundred of various types of this product.

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