‘Morozproduct’ JLLC will assist its employees to unleash their potential.

We are trying to create an atmosphere of great opportunities, encourage the professional growth of specialists through training and development programs.

We are inspiring our employees to discover for them new horizons and develop their potential in the course of long-time and fruitful cooperation with ‘Morozproduct’. Various trainings, workshops and seminars, further education courses permanently arranged for the Company’s employees along with field work will assist in deepening their professional skills. You are going to be involved in team playing with the best experts of the country in the field of ice-cream production and deep freezing of food products.

You can take success for granted in our Company provided you:

  • share our love to a high quality in everything we are doing and aspire to make life better
  • are ready to constantly seek ways to improve your work
  • are ready to take responsibility for your own development
  • are oriented towards a long-term career
  • are ready to follow the Company’s high standards, as well as the principles, in particular, of transparency in teamwork, of cooperation with partners and customers

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